Concrete Roof Ridge Classic Gloss Colour Tiles 255mm x 420mm x 20mm

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Personalised roof colour design based on your recommendation or your preference, such as specific colours, flags, letters, numbers, or other desired elements are available. For further details, please contact our sales department.

In Stock (550000)
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The tile is designed with a ridge profile, meaning it is shaped to create a raised, angular structure. The design of the Hip Start Ridge concrete roof tile is tailored to facilitate the starting point of hip lines on a roof. This design is crucial for effective water drainage and preventing water from pooling on the roof, which helps maintain the integrity of the structure over time.

A Single colour coating on the tiles provides the roof a traditional appearance. The colour will be deep and rich , with a long-lasting brightness that will set the building apart. The specially formulated coating incorporates UV-Resistant components that prevent tile discolouration and ensure lasting vibrancy.

Concrete tiles can sustain winds in excess of 125 miles per hour that would strip off most other roofing materials.concrete tile roof is a lower-cost alternative to traditional clay tiling. It's made from mixing sand, cement, water, and iron oxide, then shaping and heating the materials to form tiles.

Benefit of Concrete Roof Tile:

  • Colour Stability & Variation
  • * Colour is embedded in both the tile surface and its interior
  • * Any Scratches on the tile surface do not affect the appearance of the tile on the roof
  • * Offers Unlimited Colour Option

  • Installation Cost & Weight

* Requires 11-12 tiles per square meter

* Weight 40.2Kg per square meter

* Fewer tiles and weight per square meter lead to lower foundation and installation cost

  • Compressive Strength
  • * Raw materials used in concrete tiles cause compressive strength to increase over time

  • Size Uniformity
  • * Production methodology results in nearly identical size for each tile

Other Benefits:

* Assurance of long-lasting colour sustainability for your roof tiles.


Material : Concrete

Type: Ridge Style

Finish: Glossing Single Colour

Size: 260mm x 420mm x 20mm

Weight: 3.60 Kg

Water Absorption: <3.00%

Compressive Strength (bar): ~8 

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